New Videos Coming Soon!

December 8, 2008

Hello guys just wanted to drop a quick update, a new tribbing video will be up in the next few days, I’ve been busy working on another project: a site where you can see a whole bunch of lesbian videos like these ones.

100% free, almost 3000 lesbian videos and more than 13000 videos in total! ? There are no ads, just a place to click if you want to sign up and see the full videos in high def, but if you’re ok with just the clips then head on over to? Moe’s Porn. (Just click here!)? ? You’ll go right to the lesbian section with that link.? Please tell your friends about the site, it took lots of work adding all the videos and I’ll be adding tons of new ones as time goes!

You can find lots of tribbing videos there too, just use the search at the top and type in trib and hit enter, it should bring up a bunch. ? Remember to check out my other sites,?Biggest Dating Sites? for dating and? Adult Webcams? for webcams. ? Enjoy and I’ll see you guys again in a few days with a brand new video!!

Asian Lesbians Part 2

December 4, 2008

Part 2 of the Asian lesbians! You guys loved the first part I hope you’ll feel the same about the second. This is a post from way back that I thought I’d bring back up to the first page, you can see tons of the videos on this site that are archived way in the past by clicking here: and make sure you scroll down and go to next page to see 3 full pages of tribbing videos!

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Tribbing Videos