Brand New Tribbing Video!

So it’s been way too long since I’ve posted here.  But I hope I can get some of you to forgive me by posting a brand new tribbing clip that I just made myself.  This one has two gorgeous girls, and they are my favorite mix – one with big boobs and one with little ones.  And when you see the one with the little boobs (look in the pictures below) you’ll see just how hot this girl is.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see a girl like her in a top end magazine or walking down some runway in France.  Instead here she is, on my computer screen, with her legs spread wide open as she smashes her pussy against the other girl’s clit.  If you like what you see and you want to see more from these beautiful girls and literally hundreds more girls, check out the site and support the girls by become a member, just click here.

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European Girls Try Tribbing

It’s been a while since the last update and I’m sorry for that!  I’ve just been super busy with some other websites like a dating site that people are calling the Facebook of Sex (click here if you want to check it out).

And of course I’ve been looking out for more tribbing videos!  Just the other day I came across this amazing clip with two hot blondes.  You can hear the one girl at the beginning tell the other girl she wants to try something new, and then says “put your pussy on my pussy”.  The two start going at it and before long they’re expert tribbers!  The second clip I have is from a whole sex party and you can see a whole bunch going on, but in the corner it comes in to show two girls all dressed up scissoring away at each other as another girl watches and plays with a dildo.  Both of the clips are from a new site called Private, I like this one because not only does it have thousands of movies (all sorts of categories and a huge lesbian collection) they actually update the site with new stuff 3 times a day!  Anyways, enjoy the new clips and if you want to check out the site they came from (and the full video from the clips) just click here to go to Private.

Enjoy the update!!

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Click here to see the site with the full videos that these clips are from.

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Have fun!

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Webcam Tribbing

Even though there are lots of videos out there with tribbing in them, it’s hard to find one site that has it all. One way to get exactly what you want is live webcams. Recently I went on a webcam site and got two great videos of some hot girls tribbing. It was easier than I expected, I joined the chat and asked them if they knew what scissoring was and they were all for it! They wrapped their legs around each other and both times looked like they were really enjoying themselves, legs wrapped around each other and hands all over each other. Check out the videos below and see for yourself how great getting exactly what you want live on webcams can be. Click here to go to the webcam site and if it’s your first time using webcams you can check out for a little help to guide you on your way.

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Tribbing Brunettes

These two babes get caught up in the moment and wrap their legs around each other for an exhilarating tribbing session. You get to see a nice closeup of both of their pussies and see the lips stick to each other as they hit each other. Then just before the clip ends you get to see one of the girls take a huge lick of the other girl’s pussy. Mmmmmm! I got this clip from a full movie that was on Sapphic Erotica (click here to go there). It has a huge section just for tribbing and they have hundreds of hours of lesbian videos there. Check it out today, click here!

Ashlie and Tasha Tribbing

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Ashlie and Tasha Tribbing 2

See this full scene with more pictures and the full video in HD, just click here!

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Two Sticky Pussies Tribbing

These two lesbians got the sticky pussy going on.  If you read the rest of my posts you know that I love watching tribbing when the girl’s pussies are sticking to each other as they thrust themselves into each other.  This one is as good as it gets, as they start off one of the girls spits on her pussy so that her lips glide over the other girl’s lips as she humps her.  The rest of this scene is filled with ass licking, close-ups licking and deep deep fingering.  The video was released just this past May and it’s one of hundreds of videos at this site (click here).  You can download a full HD version of this clip by clicking here.  You can visit the site to see the full clip by clicking here and becoming a member, just login and look for Angelica and Beatrice in a movie called Oral Duo.

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Check out more videos from Sapphic Erotica, the biggest lesbian site on the internet just click here!

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